Photos in Signalman

_DSC9549_DSC9570singersingner and audiences_DSC9503-2_DSC9520

I have been to pubs in Brighton for several times for my projects and I took some different types of photos in at different pubs, I found that it can not reflect atmosphere that I want to show in my photos. Finally, I choose the pub named  signalman to take some photos and then choose some different types of photos took in one pub as my course work.

At the begining, I was worried about I would disturb the singers and audiences when I took photos for them because I used flash gun. However I found they really enjoy the flash gun and they told me I made them look like superstar!




Running in the Campus




Catch a Bus


An Old Train Station


The Most Popular Bus in Campus

Progress of my project about community in pubs

This Monday I went to a pub in Brighton named the joker which had open mic night trying to find some community about the open mic night and live music. I found that at the beginning there is a few people in the pub and almost everyone in the pub were eating foods.


The open mic night began at 8:00p.m. Two young ladies like promoters took some equipments into the pub and they put up a black board with some information about the live music that night,

_DSC8832 after that one of the ladies began to sing songs with guitar and another one debugged the sound.


I talked one of them named rosy and she told me that they are a group named eras and eyes Brighton to help singers advertising who want to sing in the pubs and they paid by the pubs.

Maybe half an hour later, more and more people went into the pub, they seemed to  know each other because they hugged each other when they met,some of the customers stood in front of the singers listening the music with a cup of beer. Some audiences are regular and they greeted and talked to singers during the  break.

Tonight, I went to a pub named Marthn Gunn which had open night too and I found the same situation as the Monday night and I also met the ears and eyes Brighton._DSC8880_DSC8893_DSC8942_DSC8976_DSC8980_DSC8967_DSC9102

Tonight, I found that all the elements were connected together of the open mic night was a community included the singers, permoters, audiences even the black board on the wall. They changed the atmosphere in the pub. Without the live music people talked to their friends in a whisper and after the live music beginning people talked and laughed louder, they looked like freer and more comfortable.

My topic about community

At the beginning, I chose the topic about street singers but I found that they are not belong to any community, so I went to the pub named the joker which had the open mic night in Brighton to find some resource. Actually, at the beginning I was confused about what the community actually mean, and I talked with a man next to me with a cup of beer and he told me that the community in a pub means everyone in this community know this place and they come to this place and talk to each other even they didn’t know each other depth, and the pub woman told me the people belong to this community can find the open mic night information on internet. I searched the information on line and found that the pubs which had open mic night would post the time on the website named open night finder.  

And I will do more research about open mic night and talked to the people in this community.

Nan Goldin


Goldin was born in Washington, D.C., and grew up in the Boston suburb of Lexington.In the last 30 years, she found a photograph style called Visual Diaries. photoes from this style recording her friends, family, the couple, the males, the females and her travel in Europe also her relationship crisis like the diaries.

屏幕快照 2016-03-02 下午8.10.19

Goldin’s work is most often presented in the form of a sildeshow, and has been shown at film festivals; her most famous being a 45 minute show in which 800 pictures are displayed. The main themes of her early pictures are love, gender, domesticity, and sexuality; these frames are usually shot with avaliable light. She has affectionately documented women looking in mirrors, girls in bathrooms and barrooms, drag queens, sexual acts, and the culture of obsession and dependency. The images are viewed like a private journal made public.In the book Auto-Focus, her photographs are described as a way to “learn the stories and intimate details of those closest to her”. It speaks of her uncompromising manner and style when photographing acts such as drug use, sex, violence, arguments, and traveling. It references one of Goldin’s famous photographs ‘Nan One Month After Being Battered, 1984’ as an iconic image which she uses to reclaim her identity and her life.



A wider shot of her in outside of the workplace M mode; 1/80; f 10; iso 800


A head and shoulders shot. M mode; F 10; ISO 2500


A shot of her working. M mode; 1/40; f 10; iso 2500


A shot of them interacting. M mode; 1/30; f 7.1; iso 2500


A contextual shot without her. M mode; 1/30; f 7.1; iso 2500

ISO, WB, FL and FoD


In my opinion, the ISO settings can control photographs looks dark or bright. When we take photographs we should consider about the weather and the intensity of light. For example:

In a dark situation:


M mode, 1/40, F8, ISO 3200


M mode, 1/40, F8, ISO 1000

In a bright situation:


M mode, 1/40, F8, ISO 1000


M mode, 1/40, F8, ISO 3200

When we keep the same shutter speed, the darker situations need higher ISO settings and the brighter situation need lower ISO settings and when we in a dark situation use high ISO setting we will get more noisier.


The white balance use the different color temperature of photographs to make the light more cooler or warmer. My camera has seven different WB modes and I try to use them in one situation.

For example:


M mode, 1/200, F3.8, ISO 500, WB auto


M mode, 1/200, F3.8, ISO 500, WB Tungsten


M mode, 1/200, F3.8, ISO 500, WB Fluorescent


M mode, 1/200, F3.8, ISO 500, WB Daylight


M mode, 1/200, F3.8, ISO 500, WB Flash


M mode, 1/200, F3.8, ISO 500, WB Cloudy


M mode, 1/200, F3.8, ISO 500, WB Shade


M mode, 1/200, F3.8, ISO 500, WB 5000k


Focal Length:

The focal length is the distance from the lens to the subject.


FL:46mm, M mode. 1/125, f 5, ISO 1000


FL:16mm, M mode. 1/125, f 3.5, ISO 1000

If the FL is longer the subject in photograph is more prominent and the background is hazier. If the FL is shorter the background looks more clear and the subject looks farer from the background.

Depth of Field

I think the depth of field is controlled by the shutter speed and the diaphragm settings.

For example:


M mode, 1/40, f 4.5, ISO 1250


M mode, 1/8, f 13, ISO 1250


I realized that the small f number and faster shutter speed= the small depth of field. the large f number and slower shutter speed= the big depth of field. the small depth of field looks hazier and the big depth of field looks more clear. When we only want to illustrate the subject we can chose the small DOP and if we want to show the background and connect with the subject we can chose the big DOP.



Elliott Erwitt.

The photographer I researched is Elliott Erwitt.


Erwitt became known for benevolent irony, and for a humanistic sensibility traditional to the spirit of Magnum, he always take photo in black and white and he didn’t like use digital camera. He thought that you can find pictures anywhere. It’s simply a matter of noticing things and organizing them. You just have to care about what’s around you and have a concern with humanity and the human comedy.


USA. New York City. 1953.



Robert Capa (1913 --1954 )

“If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough. ” once Robert Capa said.


I think he is a great photographer not only because he is a war photographer and he could always caught the moment at a perfect time but also his attitude about photograph. If we want to take some good photo we must close to subject we want to record, it also means that we should understand the subject we record.



My home in Brighton


I took this photo because it is the outlook of my home and the white door is the gate it, the number 60 is the sign of my home. There are many stairs in the photo so we can see that my home is on the half of a hill.



On last photo, it illustrate how it looks like when I out of my home and this photograph shows the in side of my home.



It is a note board on the wall in my room, there are many stuff on it to record some important thing in my daily life such as the address of my home, the ticket I bought when I first time went to London and the time arrange my ESUS teacher gave me about this term. I took this photo because I looked this note board everyday and it is really important.



This is an photos area I built with my roommate on the wall in my room. There are some photos about myself and my roommate and the lamp in different color on the top of this area is a gift on Halloween my roommate gave me. I think it means friendship between us so I took this photo.



These two stuff are the mini bowling and mini basketball on the table in my room, the area of my home is limited and it is impossible that I have these two in real in my home so I bought them just for recreation. I think these are something interesting in my home so I took photo for them.